Get started

Resources to help you get up and running with Quix quickly.

It's the first data engineering workflow designed around a message broker rather than a database.

Work with live data in memory using Python or C#.

Use Quix APIs to produce and consume streaming data using HTTP or WebSockets interfaces.

Core resources

Take a look under the hood and get to know our SDK and APIs.

Discover how to connect Quix and your application using our SDK.

Read how to send real-time data to Kafka topics using the Quix SDK.

Learn how to receive real-time data in your application using the Quix SDK.

Stream data to Quix Kafka topics via HTTP with this API.

Work with this API to receive live data in your Web applications from Quix Kafka topics via Websockets.

Query historic time-series data in Quix using HTTP interface.

Additional resources

These resources point you straight to some useful resources of the documentation.

Get to know the language of Quix with our glossary.

Solutions, fixes, hints and tips to help you solve the most common issues encountered when using Quix.

Guides to help you build data-driven apps and integrate Quix with external systems.

Learn from the community

Quix's flexibility means it supports a wide range of use cases across every industry. See how other developers and engineers solve problems using Quix.

A place to share ideas, solutions and advice with other developers working with streaming data.

Stay up to date with the latest information about stream processing with our blog.

Our repo of open source code samples help developers go further and faster.